Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Mommee Loves All Dawgies

Our Mommee sometimes leaves us for a day on the weekends. I think she forgets that she has the day off and to relax with us, but she says No. She Transports Dawgees to their new homes. She sometimes feels sad when she comes home because of what these new dawgees have been threw, but she says she loves to help!

She did on of these transport things today with her friend. They took them all the way up to Louisville. She was gone extra long this time, but its okay, because she brought back toys that her friend Heather made. Heather is trying to raise money for her foster pup, Odie. He has bad ears! We never got to meet him, but mommee says that we are too young to play with him. He likes his comfy bed.

Here are some pictures that Mommee took on her transport. These were some cute dawgees mommee drove today.

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