Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pawriffic Tuesday!

Mommee and Daddee spent all last week putting up this huge wire cage for the back yard. They call it the "Fence". Whatevers, it just means we gets to go out and play like we are at the puppy park ALOT More! Its been super cool.

Mommee came home from work today with this HUGE blue thing. She took it into the new cage and filled it up with water!! Monkee ran away from it and I (Cadie) just tried to attack the water out of the house. Once she was done, I ran away and Monkee did the CRAZIEST thing EVER! She JUMPED IN! Doesn't she know water is NO fun. She is WEIRD! Daddee was up on the deck and took some pictures of us being silly!

Our friends (Trooper and Odie) Mommee is making these cool toys for doggees. Odie needs to have surgeries on his ears, so his Foster Mommee is trying to help. So, our Mommee bought us some to try to help him out.

Here are what you all have been waiting for- PICTURES OF US!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Mommee Loves All Dawgies

Our Mommee sometimes leaves us for a day on the weekends. I think she forgets that she has the day off and to relax with us, but she says No. She Transports Dawgees to their new homes. She sometimes feels sad when she comes home because of what these new dawgees have been threw, but she says she loves to help!

She did on of these transport things today with her friend. They took them all the way up to Louisville. She was gone extra long this time, but its okay, because she brought back toys that her friend Heather made. Heather is trying to raise money for her foster pup, Odie. He has bad ears! We never got to meet him, but mommee says that we are too young to play with him. He likes his comfy bed.

Here are some pictures that Mommee took on her transport. These were some cute dawgees mommee drove today.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's ulmost Summer Time!

Life has been very crazy here. It was all white and cold outside for a loong time it seemed like. We had fun playing with Daddy with snow balls, but we missed-ed the puppy park alot!

Mommy says we wont need to go there very much anymore. She said we are getting something called a Fence. She said its so we can spend more time home- but getting to play off of our leashes and without our stupid Halti collars! (Those things are just no fun, we actually w-a-l-k on our walks instead of pulling mommy around as fast as we can go!) She said we are getting it soon! I hope we like it. We hate being stuck inside when mommy and daddy are working around the yard! But we are going to miss our friends at the puppy park, but mommy says we will still visit them!

We also have a new family member! No- He does not live here, but he does come to play! Mommy calls him our Cousin. He is so tiny still but he thinks he is BIG like us. We like to play with him, once we figured out he wasn't another kit cat. We don't like those!Mommy says we need to start playing nice!

We will post again once we get this new fence thing! We can not wait to see what it is like- and we hope it is TONS of fun! We like FUN stuff! Maybe with some toys or something cool?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Excuse Me, Internets

We have decided that Mommee is no longer allowed to blog. She has done a quite sucky job at it so, we the real owners, of this household are taking it over for her.

It is winter time here and it is really boring for us. Seriously, peoples. Here is how the winter rundown goes here in our house. Mommee has Daddee take down all these HUUGE boxes from that ladder in the ceiling. When we try to help her get stuff out of them, she only sends us in the other room. When we come out, the house is sooooooooo pretty, but dude, we still can't touch anything.

Then Daddee puts up this tree inside the house! We thought trees were supposed to grow OUTSIDE, silly parents. Then Mommee puts Balls on the tree that we aren't allowed to chase. Even when those small dogs (Momee and Daddee call them Cats) knock them off.

When we see the presents get wrapped and then opened, we know we are in for trouble. A few days after Chrismas Mommee starts packing some large bags. Then she starts packing two smaller bags. Then we know we are really in for it. Mommee and Daddee leave us! But they pack treats and bones, so we are good for a while.

After a LOONG time, Mommee says 10 days, they come back and bring us home!! Usually when they come home it is sooooooo cold that we don't go for walks, but thats okay, because we are wimps Mommee says.

But today it is warm out, kinda, so Mommee keeps saying something about the Puppy Park!! I hope it is what I think it is!! We will keep you updated!!

Cadie and Monkee