Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Digger,

You are the cutest little thing. I love you dearly even though you have only been with us for a short period of time. We try to have your needs met. You have a nice home to burrow in, food, water and a chew toy along with your wheel. I just want to bring some things to your attention and explain to you why you have been removed from our bedroom.

First of all, you tricked me. You were very good to sleep through the night the first few nights home. You stayed quiet and let us sleep. However, you seem to find your wheel the last few nights. It didn't really bother me at first. This was until you started training for the hamster marathon. That kind of made me want to open your cage and let the cats chase you to help you train. But, thankfully you stopped for a few and let me drift back off into sleep.

That was until you decided to play rock band as you climbed up the side of your cage. I understand that climbing up the side of the cage is a good way for exercise. I get that you want to stay trim and fit, but you are a hamster, you look good with a little pudge. We did buy you a cage that has a nice little ladder in it, so you could easily climb to get your food. It is just not used to go down, I promise.

So, because you kept mommy up at 4am the other day, your new place of residence is our living room. We made sure to put you up nice and high where your fur siblings can not reach you. I know the spotted looking one keeps staring at you, but I promise, its just because she is intrigued. I will not let her eat you. I hope that your new place of residence fits you well. I actually got a great nights sleep last night. I hope yours was just as pleasant.


Cadie's First Bark Park Visit!

We finally took the afternoon to scout out the dog park. Cadie had been getting restless, so I thought we would try it out. I knew she had been there before, but I still didn't know what to expect. We take her to my friends all the time who has a fenced yard, but she doesn't want to play with the dogs there.

She got to the park and she was so excited. She took off running as soon as we got into the gates. She made quick friends with a whole bunch of dogs. I am just glad she got to burn off her extra energy. She also had a good nights sleep last night. I can't wait to take her back soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A typical weekend in our house

About the same time every weekend Brad has off, it looks kind of like this. It's actually fine with me, since then I get the TV to myself. Well, I get to watch TV, but I don't always get to hear it. Sometimes, they both snore. Other times, they switch on and off. It can get quite amusing. At least I get a break from getting harassed by both (and Brad gets to deal with her killer gas for a little bit).

Thursday, February 12, 2009

But Mom, It's Comfy In Here...

Over and Over again I ask Brad not to leave the dryer door open. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. He went in to get his jacket today and well, he left the door open. Apparently, Peanut thought it would be a comfy place to rest his little behind. Before I shooed him out, I had to get a picture

It almost breaks my heart..

This is the pathetic face we got this morning. Brad and I were eating breakfast in bed (Yes, in our un-made bed. Sue me, I'm a horrible housewife). Cadie jumped up in hopes to share some. When we told her No, this is the look she gave us until we were done. We are horrible fur parents.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some Intro Pictures- To Put Faces with Names

Meet Cadie. She is our lovable cuddle bug. You can usually find her on the couch, taking up all of it, or on our bed, also, taking up all of it. She loves Kisses, Food, Chasing the Cats and Krystal's Cheese Burgers (Don't try to give her one without cheese). She also does fun tricks when she has an itch or has to go potty.

This is our old man, Pumpkin. We got him from a family at Walmart. Brad and I had a fight about how we didn't need any animals in our apartment (mainly because we weren't allowed to have any). Well, as I was headed out through the Walmart parking lot to work, there was a family with Free kittens. Guess who came home with me later that night?

He loves to lick Brad, Drink water out of the fountain, Steal Milk, and he used to love to take showers with us. He Hates the Dog and being told when to eat.

This is Peanut. I call him Nut Nut or My Handsome Man. I wish a picture could capture his massiveness (and No, hes not overweight, just big boned!) We adopted him from our local shelter. I wanted the cute tiny calico, Brad wanted the loudest one. Brad got his wish.

Nut Nut likes food (go figure), cuddling, and just laying around. He is just our love bug. He also likes to "talk" to us when he is needing something, (mainly food).

Meet Snickers. She is our shy as can be, but lover when she wants to be little girl. We also adoted her from our local shelter. It was Buy1 Get1 Free and we were "foster-failing" our little Daisy. (Daisy is now an angel baby). I saw Snickers and I fell in love. She on the other hand, was not in love with us. She hid behind the TV stand for the first week, and only came out to bite us, and then run back.

You can now find her behind the playstation napping, or on the back of one of the couches.

This is the littlest, Miss Rose. She is the devil of our Zoo. She thinks rules do not apply to her. She does not like to be cuddled unless we do not touch her.

This is our newest addition, Digger. We went to PetCo to go get some dog food, and lots of money later, we came home with a hamster.
Her favorite hobby is trying to eat her way out of her cage, spinning her wheel or head diving off of the top part of her cage.

Her new friends are Peanut, Pumpkin and Rose. Rose is just amazed at her, but I think the boys just see a snack.

This is my baby, Summer. She was abused and skin and bones when I found her. She is now happy and plump. For right now she is just our pasture ornament. I want her to live the good life. When we save up some money, shes going to go for some training, but until then, we just love spoiling her.

Well, that is our bunch. I guess you might want some info on the husband and I. I moved here from NJ in 2005. We found each other on Yahoo Personals. I was just trying to meet some new people, he was looking for a relationship. We talked until I moved down an few months later, and it was love at first sight. We got married in January of 2007. Brad works for a large box making company where he gets to boss people around and I, well, don't work right now. I get to wrangle to Zoo.