Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pawriffic Tuesday!

Mommee and Daddee spent all last week putting up this huge wire cage for the back yard. They call it the "Fence". Whatevers, it just means we gets to go out and play like we are at the puppy park ALOT More! Its been super cool.

Mommee came home from work today with this HUGE blue thing. She took it into the new cage and filled it up with water!! Monkee ran away from it and I (Cadie) just tried to attack the water out of the house. Once she was done, I ran away and Monkee did the CRAZIEST thing EVER! She JUMPED IN! Doesn't she know water is NO fun. She is WEIRD! Daddee was up on the deck and took some pictures of us being silly!

Our friends (Trooper and Odie) Mommee is making these cool toys for doggees. Odie needs to have surgeries on his ears, so his Foster Mommee is trying to help. So, our Mommee bought us some to try to help him out.

Here are what you all have been waiting for- PICTURES OF US!