Saturday, January 23, 2010

Excuse Me, Internets

We have decided that Mommee is no longer allowed to blog. She has done a quite sucky job at it so, we the real owners, of this household are taking it over for her.

It is winter time here and it is really boring for us. Seriously, peoples. Here is how the winter rundown goes here in our house. Mommee has Daddee take down all these HUUGE boxes from that ladder in the ceiling. When we try to help her get stuff out of them, she only sends us in the other room. When we come out, the house is sooooooooo pretty, but dude, we still can't touch anything.

Then Daddee puts up this tree inside the house! We thought trees were supposed to grow OUTSIDE, silly parents. Then Mommee puts Balls on the tree that we aren't allowed to chase. Even when those small dogs (Momee and Daddee call them Cats) knock them off.

When we see the presents get wrapped and then opened, we know we are in for trouble. A few days after Chrismas Mommee starts packing some large bags. Then she starts packing two smaller bags. Then we know we are really in for it. Mommee and Daddee leave us! But they pack treats and bones, so we are good for a while.

After a LOONG time, Mommee says 10 days, they come back and bring us home!! Usually when they come home it is sooooooo cold that we don't go for walks, but thats okay, because we are wimps Mommee says.

But today it is warm out, kinda, so Mommee keeps saying something about the Puppy Park!! I hope it is what I think it is!! We will keep you updated!!

Cadie and Monkee